Kindness Rocks Project

change through giving ladies kindness rocks projectThe Change Through Giving ladies got together for our first Change Project after a nearly two-year hiatus, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to get back into the swing of things and be inspired to create change. It was fun, easy, creative and had the perfect theme – kindness rocks!

Have you heard about this project? Or perhaps you’ve found a rock peaking out from an inconspicuous spot at just the right time when you needed it most?

Inspired by a CTG member who had done the project in the past, we purchased a bag of river rocks from Home Depot, gave them a quick rinse and then spray painted them a few different colors.

CTG Members Kati Bucciero and Tracy Housley show off inspiring messages painted on their kindness rocksPinterest was our source of inspiration, so we printed several pages for the table to get our creative juices flowing, and our artistic sides kicked into gear from there! A little wine certainly didn’t dampen the mood ;).

A search for “kindness rocks” on Pinterest led us to The Kindness Rocks Project website, and there’s a great video on You Tube that will seal the deal if you’re on the fence about coordinating this type of project. Ready to be inspired? We highly recommend you check this out, and you’ll be ready to plan your get-together in no time!

The Kindness Rocks Project founder, Megan Murphy, started painting kindness rocks when she realized the need to switch up her morning routine. After 20 years beginning her day with her local news broadcast, she realized it was time to change her routine and take back her mornings. “Day after day, change through giving kindness rocksthe news was filled with horrifying stories of road rage, political squabbling, Isis killings, drug addiction and devastating natural disasters,” she stated in the article Why Kindness Rocks and How I Created the Kindness Rocks Project on the Thoughts Become Things website (  “I needed to create a mindful, positive, and motivational routine that would alter my outlook and create positive energy for myself and those around me.”

So, she gave up the television and started painting rocks, which we think ROCKS! The way this movement has spread is incredible.

“One message at just the right moment can change your whole day, outlook, life,” reads their facebook cover page. Make sure to like it to stay up-to-date on all the awesome rocks people are making all across the globe.

Ready to start your Kindness Rocks project? The organization’s website is an awesome tool to get started. There is a downloadable how-to, plus stories of inspiration and examples of super-cool rocks. You can also see if there is a group registered in your area and if not, you can start your own!

Another great thing about this project? The fun doesn’t stop here. Now we get to place our rocks, inspire kindness in others, change someone’s day and watch the movement continue to spread!

Leave a comment and let us know about your Kindness Rocks project!

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