Helping Children After Welcoming a Newborn

Daughters of Eve Web photoHaving a baby really changes your perspective on life. You realize what a miracle life truly is and become instantly grateful for blessings you have that you might have taken for granted before. You also quickly realize that having a baby can get quite expensive, and it’s disheartening to us that so many families struggle to survive after welcoming their newborn. In honor of a CTG member welcoming her second child and first son on September 4, we decided to make a donation to a charity that helps children and families for our September Change Project. We hope this small gesture can relieve a bit of stress for a family in need so they are able to enjoy the precious time they have with their newborn. We made our donation to Daughter’s of Eve of First United Methodist Church of Oviedo after learning of the group through a Change Through Giving member. The circle puts together bags every other month that they deliver to the health dept for expectant moms. We hope our efforts will help them with their mission of helping local children and families in need.



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