CTG August Swimming

Our August project was inspired by an event witnessed by one of our own Change Through Giving members. A friend’s young child, 15 months old at the time, was realized to be missing. Upon searching for the baby, she was found in a nearby pond. CTG member, Julia, rushed to the baby’s side and began CPR, while another mother called 911 and stayed on the phone. Thankfully, the young girl was rescued in time. She was very lucky. For some, the situation is not as forgiving.

This inspired the members of CTG to make a donation to The ISR Community of Caring. Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is designed to teach children from six months of age how to survive in the water. If they can crawl, they can float. This skill has saved many children over the years and may be one of the most valuable lessons for any child.

ISR Community of Caring was set up to insure that no family is turned away from the opportunity to give this life-saving lesson to their child. They have helped, on average, 100 families per year that may not have had this opportunity without the assistance of the charity.

We are happy to be a part of this process, so that no family should have to bear the tragedy of an infant drowning.

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