Creating Change by Giving Hope

Our whole mission at CTG is to create change through giving, which has typically meant giving of our resources, such as time, money, talents, etc. But we were delighted when, after donating $500 to a woman in need for one of our December Change Projects, it was brought to our attention that our gesture gave more than just money; it gave hope.

We oftentimes look for people and organizations in need. You’d think it would be easy to find a family to help out, but if you want to write a check and feel confident it’s going to be put to good use, there’s not always someone standing on the corner that you feel would be appropriate.

The hardest times in life are the ones that make you stronger. The people that persevere, that struggle through adversity and go on to excel in life are the ones that have hope. We’re thrilled that this project was able to provide that to someone, and we hope it enables a big change in her life, her children’s lives and maybe others if she can some day pay it forward. In fact, knowing that we might have made such a difference in her life has given us hope. When schedules get hectic and to-do lists become overwhelming, knowing that we can help provide hope to people that might desperately need it is what helps us stay energized to continue the work we do creating change through giving.

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