Back-to-School Gift Baskets

Our Back-to-School Change Project in August was a BIG success!! We were able to help a family in need through a referral from a Friend of CTG. There are all kinds of people around us who need a helping hand. Some are sick, some have fallen on hard times and some have made mistakes. Adversity does not discriminate, and neither should kindness and compassion!

The Family

Mom is a single parent, working two jobs to support herself and two growing teenage daughters. Because of some unfortunate circumstances, the girls had to spend some time away from mom, and during that time they became victims of abuse. This mother-daughter trio is now fusing their family unit back together and focused on getting back on their feet, tackling each speed bump along the way – TOGETHER. One girl is attending a local high school, and the other has joined a program that will alternate her education needs with helping her to enter the workforce.

We don’t often get the opportunity to personally meet the families we help, but in this case we did. What a blessing to see the smiles on the girls’ faces and the look of gratitude on Mom’s face! She said our gift means so much relief for her, knowing they have what they need for school and now she can still afford to pay her electric bill. She also remarked to us how often times older children are forgotten about when it comes charitable donations, so it was nice that we helped a family with teenagers.

To fund this project, we used monies raised from Change Through Giving’s account, combined with the generosity of two Friends of CTG. Thanks to these ladies for following their hearts and responding to this project! We could not have made such an incredible basket for this family without their help!

We were able to provide to each girl:

ALL Necessary School Supplies

Toiletries – Soaps, Lotions, Cosmetics, Hand Sanitizer, etc.

$50 Gift Cards to TJ Maxx and Wal-Mart

We also provided Mom with a little gift basket of her own. 🙂

We believe our contribution, the positive impact and the act of giving itself, could be an important step in the future success of this family! Remember – An opportunity to give is an opportunity to be involved!

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