Walk MS 2013

For the second year in a row, the ladies of Change Through Giving participated in Orlando’s “Walk MS” on Sunday April 7th. This cause is near and dear to our hearts because the father of one of our members lives with advanced Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease for which science knows neither the cause nor cure. In MS, the person’s own immune system attacks myelin – the fatty tissue that surrounds and protects nerve endings. The resulting damage is scar tissue throughout the body, and whichever nerves are affected determines what parts of the body don’t work correctly. It could be a person’s legs, speech, hands, memory, bowels or any combination. Think of it like a lamp plugged in to the wall – the protective rubber around the cord’s wires becomes frayed, and the light begins to flicker on and off. This damage is irreversible, and the medicine we have today only slows down this disease’s progression.

This year’s walk took place at a different venue – beautiful Baldwin Park. We were blessed with amazing weather and a ton of new vendor involvement. The area restaurants joined in by offering specials like yummy post-walk brunch and lunch deals, with a portion of proceeds going to the cause. Our team, Team Ray-Ray, had a terrific turn-out – nearly 20 of us. The most awesome part was all the little ones who tagged along – we had several strollers and even a wagon! 2.5 miles of good company, conversation and compassion towards helping those with MS.

Whether you donated, raised funds, walked (or all of the above!) your role was important in the fight against MS. The goal is always two-fold: 1) find a cure, and 2) provide treatment and resources to those in need while we wait for that cure. That’s what our local chapter of the National MS Society does, and that’s why Walk MS is so special and so important.

We are SO proud to report that this year we raised $1,531.00!! That’s $531 above our goal, and $600 more than last year!! Every dollar raised helps to fund research and treatment options!

The ladies and friends of CTG couldn’t be happier to continue to JOIN THE MOVEMENT in the fight against MS! Won’t you consider joining us next year?


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