Christmas Jars

Our CTG OK chapter recommended a book to us earlier this year and encouraged us to take on the task of starting a Christmas Jar. CTG OK member, Sharon, read the book and was inspired by the simple daily gesture that can help keep everyone focused on donating on a regular basis to make an impact on an individual in need. The fact that it is encouraged to “pay if forward” is another benefit. All in all, it’s an opportunity to take action yourself, have an effect on someone else and hopefully spread the word about giving and compassion.

So what is a Christmas Jar?

Very simply, it’s any type of jar you want that you put your spare change in throughout the year. At the end of the year (at Christmas time), you anonymously give the jar to someone you know that is need. It can be a neighbor that lost his job, a co-worker with health issues, a friend that has fallen on hard times or a complete stranger.

Will you pledge to give away a Christmas Jar this year?

We love the idea of the Christmas Jar! Not only is it a great opportunity to do something to make a difference in someone’s life, but it’s also an opportunity to get the rest of your family involved with making a difference. It’s a small commitment that can make a big impact, and it’s something the whole family can participate in.

Join us by starting your Christmas jar today.

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