About Us

Change Through Giving is an eclectic group of women who are catalysts for change at community and global levels. Our purpose is to combine financial resources and individual talents to contribute to those in need and educate the community on volunteerism.

By giving, the women of CTG collectively exercise their support to people and purposes that each member is passionate about. Through individual donations and monthly Change Projects, the ladies of Change Through Giving have supported numerous local and national organizations and causes near and dear to our hearts. Our work and contributions have touched many children, families, elderly and furry friends.

Working together allows the group to break down problems into manageable pieces by pooling resources and expertise to accomplish common goals. The women of Change Through Giving embrace the belief that an opportunity to give is an opportunity to be involved.

For more information on how you can become involved and help support Change Through Giving, e-mail us.

Kindness Rocks Project

The Change Through Giving ladies got together for our first Change Project after a nearly two-year hiatus, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect way to get back into the swing of things and be inspired to create change. It was fun, easy, creative and had the perfect theme – kindness rocks! Have you heard […]

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Creating Change by Giving Hope

Our whole mission at CTG is to create change through giving, which has typically meant giving of our resources, such as time, money, talents, etc. But we were delighted when, after donating $500 to a woman in need for one of our December Change Projects, it was brought to our attention that our gesture gave […]

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